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The Morningstar Prostar 15 15amp Solar Charge Controller

This is the 15 amp Prostar charge controller that I will be using for the Photovoltaic Panels on my roof.

This unit consists of a pos. and neg. solar connection, battery sense connections, normal battery connections, a load connection(optional), battery type selection, a 15amp rating.

Below is a Picture of my actual Prostar 15 Controller.(Not to great of an image, will upload a better one when I get a chance.)

Prostar 15 Charge Controller

This controller is required by the NEC to control my pv panels, because the other Morningstar ts-60 is just configured in a "Diversion Load" setting. This controller will actually charge the batteries like I didn't have other alternative energy devices on my system. This statement is also in the Morninstar ts-60 user manual.

As you can see on the charge controller above there is also a connection for the neg. and pos. outputs for a load. This is to connect a DC Load to your PV panels/Batteries , this connection is optional and in our case not going to be used.

small diy solar panel

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Working on the new DIY Solar panel build pages! Hope to have them up soon, lots of images and tips and tricks!

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