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-4ft. radius Genny -Storage

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Alternative Energy Websites - Coming Soon!

Alternative Energy Discussion - A great messageboard, powered by the webmasters here at altwindpower, come share your ideas, thoughts and reviews.

Great Websites / Sources for Parts, and Custom Machining - A great place to get custom machining, milling, and any custom parts. Ask for Curtis, he helped us with our 4ft wind generator and done a great job!

Ebay - Ebay is a great place for buying used and new equipment, make sure you search around and look for the good deals! Don't be an impulsive buyer, search, search, and search some more! - a great source for a dump controler kit to build. Glen has a great Dump load controller kit that you can purchase and build yourself! - This Site is a great place to get cheap dc motors, and just all kinds of odds and ends to build your projects!

Manufacturer / Commercial Sites:

Midnite Solar - An awesome manufacturer of Charge Controllers, DC Disconnect Boxes, DC Circuit Breakers, E-Panel Enclosures, and many more solutions. A Quality Manufacturer!

Morningstar - Also manufacturer of Charge Controllers, Pure Sine Wave inverters, MPPT Charge Controllers, Load Controllers, Lighting Controllers, Meter Hubs, and lots more!

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Working on the new DIY Solar panel build pages! Hope to have them up soon, lots of images and tips and tricks!

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