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260vdc 5100RPM 5.0 amps CW Rotation - What's inside a Permanent Magnet Motor!

Below you will see photos of the Permanent Magnet DC Motor that I am using to build my 4ft. Wind Generator.

Main Parts of Permanent Magnet Motor

This picture below shows the armature and the bearings of this unit.

DC Motor Bearings and armature

This picture shows inside the motor housing showing were the main magnets are fastened.

Magnets inside a Permanent Magnet Motor

Here you will see the base plate of the motor were the wires connect to the unit.

Bottom plate of the Permanent Magnet Motor

After seeing the bottom plate connection I found that the wires were only connected halfway. Half of the wires in the braid were not even connected to the fastners in the unit.

Bad wire connection

This is the connections after I resoldered them to the terminals. They are now much more solid.

Resoldered wire connections


small diy solar panel

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Working on the new DIY Solar panel build pages! Hope to have them up soon, lots of images and tips and tricks!

small tabbed solar cells

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