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-4ft. radius Genny -Storage

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Digital Voltmeter (Hardwired Battery Voltage Meter)

This page is for a Battery Voltage Meter that will be hardwired to the Batteries themselves. This will be what I will monitor the actual battery voltage for the "State of Charge". This battery monitor I have decided to include internally with the charge controller.

Below is 2 photo's of the Digital Voltmeter that I recieved from sure electronics.

Front Picture of the Digital Voltmeter

This Digital Voltmeter takes a 12volt powersupply and can measure up to 20vdc.

Rear Picture of the Digital Voltmeter

Later we will get into the construction of the enclosure and the wiring. stay tuned.

small diy solar panel

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Working on the new DIY Solar panel build pages! Hope to have them up soon, lots of images and tips and tricks!

small tabbed solar cells

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