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-4ft. radius Genny -Storage

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DIY (Do It Yourself) Charge Controller:

Below is the parts for a Charge Controller that I am getting ready to put together. This charge controller was ordered from Glen Hurd at . This Charge controller will be a simple "Dump Charge Controller", basically it is more specifically used for wind generators. This unit charges the batteries until they are full and then when full it diverts the load of the wind mill to a "dump load" for example an 12V water heater element. (More on this later!)

Charge Controller Parts.

Below is also the parts that is part of a kit that was purchsed from Glenn to build a variable voltage supply to calibrate the above charge controller when finished. (also more on this later!)

Parts for a Variable Voltage Supply kit.

Here is a picture of the main parts of the charge controller soldered to the pcb.

Charge Controller Soldered together

Controller Box, Outside look at the box: Not finished. Mounted some LED's in the front, and also mounted an Digital LCD Panel for the battery voltage.

Dump Load Charge Controller

Inside look and the wire mess still needs some soldering, and cable routings. You can see where I mounted the controller board and the mosfet's for the dump load control on the right hand side of the box.

Dump Load Charge Controller inside

small diy solar panel

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Working on the new DIY Solar panel build pages! Hope to have them up soon, lots of images and tips and tricks!

small tabbed solar cells

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